How to create a magical ‘blue marble’ shower with 3D-printed nails

In this video, artist Kalyan Joshi explains how he made a stunning blue marble shower.

Joshi, a member of the Chinese Academy of Art (CAA) and the founder of, has been making blue marble sculptures since 2011, and has won numerous awards.

In this video from his latest project, Joshi demonstrates how he carved the marble out of blue marble.

He says he made the shower by filling a plastic tub with water and then placing a marble block in the tub.

He then used a laser cutter to cut the marble, which is then coated in acrylic paint.

“I wanted to create something that was a little more delicate and delicate in its own way,” Joshi told HuffPost.

“It’s not a pretty marble, but it has this cool effect that it really looks like a blue marble.”

The video, which shows Joshi carving the blue marble in the studio, has over 2 million views on YouTube.

Joshis website offers a wealth of tutorials for making marble shower heads, but this one is especially helpful for those who don’t know how to carve.

He offers instructions for creating a shower head using three different types of marble, from the most common to the most expensive.

Here’s how to make a blue stone shower head from blue marble using 3D printing.

JoshI also shared a few other videos on the blue-plastic shower head, including one that shows you how to create an intricate marble shower using only blue marble pieces.

JoshIs a member on, which has over 13 million members.