A marble blast at a Melbourne bar leaves two dead

A marble-tiled marble tray and a marble tray tray and some of the other broken pieces were left in a Melbourne nightclub, after a brawl broke out at a Marble Bar.

Key points: A brawl broke down at Marble Bar in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday nightThe victims were taken to hospital for treatment, police saidThey were treated for minor injuries and releasedThe injuries were not life-threatening and there were no arrests to be made, police confirmed.

A fight broke down outside the Marble Bar on Saturday evening when people started fighting.

The club was closed, but staff were allowed to return inside.

It was reported that at least three people were taken by ambulance to hospital after a fight broke out.

Police said they had received numerous calls from people who were affected by the brawl.

“We received a number of calls from individuals concerned about the safety of their friends and family in the club, who were being treated by emergency services,” Detective Superintendent Neil Jones said.

Witnesses reported hearing a commotion and people shouting and running.

Officers were called to the club shortly after 1.15pm, and the fight broke up shortly after.

There were no reports of any injuries and no arrests were made.

Ms Lees-Kemp said the fight was likely to have occurred between members of Marble Bar’s staff.

She said: “It was a pretty violent, chaotic, violent scene, and it was not a club that we’ve ever seen before.”

The Melbourne nightclub said on its Facebook page: “The Marble Bar has been the victim of a marble-bomb attack.

Due to the seriousness of the matter Marble Bar will not be hosting events at the club this weekend.

We ask everyone to keep Marble Bar safe and in our thoughts, we extend our deepest sympathy to the Marble Family.”

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