Marble systems for sale in Saskatoon

A Saskatoon company has launched a series of marble systems that use solar panels to collect energy.

The systems can be installed in buildings or used to generate electricity.

The system is called Marble.

A new $3.6 million contract for the system was signed Monday.

Marble is a project of Saskatoon-based Terra Nova Inc. The company has developed a system that’s designed to capture the energy from a light source like a fluorescent light bulb.

That’s enough to power about 150 light bulbs.

The solar-powered systems will be used in residential and commercial buildings.

Terra Nova said the system will have more than 500 watts of electricity output per square foot of surface area.

It will provide a small electrical backup for areas with high demand for power.

“Our goal is to have as much as possible of the energy come from renewable sources,” said David Deane, Terra Nova’s CEO.

“We are really excited to be a part of this initiative.”

The company said the first system will be in a new residential building in Sask, which it’s calling the Eco-Drive building.

The project is being managed by SaskTel Power, a subsidiary of SaskTel Corp. The two companies will work together to build the system in Saskatchewan.

“Solar power has been the energy of choice for a long time, so we are very excited to see what this technology can do in the next phase of the development,” said Scott MacLean, a SaskTel spokesman.

The next step is to test the systems on SaskTel’s grid and see if they’re a viable option for a residential building.

In 2018, Terra Nano announced a partnership with SaskTel and SaskPower, a Saskatchewan-based utility.

The new company hopes to have the system installed in SaskPower’s power grid by the end of the year.