How to make a marble nail for a gift from your parents

By now you’re probably pretty familiar with the process of decorating a gift, whether it’s a small piece of fabric or a box of glittery glittery jewels.

But did you know you can make a beautiful marble nail by simply painting it in your favourite nail polish?

Here’s how.1.

Paint the nail nail:You need a white basecoat that has a deep pink colour.

For a deep colour you’ll want to go for something like a Sally Hansen Mascara, or something with a deeper pink, like Urban Decay Naked Orange.2.

Make the nail base coat:You’ll need a nail polisher, a palette knife, and a nail brush.3.

Apply the base coat to the nail:Make sure you’re using the same base coat you used for the nail, so you can use the same colour as the nail.4.

Brush the nail on:To add a little colour, you can brush on a bit of colour to the top of the nail and to the bottom of the polish.5.

Apply nail polish to nail:Once the basecoat is applied, it’s time to paint the nail with nail polish.

Apply as much colour as you’d like to the outside of the white base coat, using the palette knife to cut through the top and bottom.6.

Add nail polish:You should have a very pretty, beautiful nail polish basecoat.

You could also try adding a bit more colour to it with nail art, if you want to.

But if you’re just using a nail polish, you could leave the nail colour alone and leave the polish alone as well.

You can always add some colour to a basecoat in a few weeks, if that’s more your style.

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you out:This is a really simple, easy-to-do nail art technique that will help you nail nails.

If you’re really keen on creating a marble necklace, this technique could be your friend.