When You Walk Through the Marble Room, You Can See the Color of Marble

The marble room in Marble Falls, New Zealand is decorated with a striking array of exotic animals, including an elephant and a rhinoceros.

And you can’t miss the stunning stone walls.

“The marble is amazing, you can see the colors on the walls, the colour of the stones and you can also see how the walls are laid and the shapes of the rooms,” says Melissa Leung, a local tourism authority employee who has been visiting Marble Falls for several years.

“We get the animals from the zoo and the local tourism board.”

Marble Falls is home to more than 2,000 different species of animals, with elephants and rhinos the most popular.

“There are a lot of species that we are seeing,” Leung says.

“If we didn’t see them, we wouldn’t have any animals in Marble.

It’s just like a zoo.

The animals are so amazing.”

Leung and her husband are the only tourists allowed to see the animals in the marble room.

“I’ve never seen the elephant before, so it’s pretty cool,” she says.

The marble has a distinctive pattern, with a diamond pattern on the sides, which are also the same color as the flooring.

Leung has never seen a rhino, so she can’t compare the animals to other animals in her area.

“Rhinos are more endangered than elephants, so we have to keep an eye out for them,” she said.

“When we come to the parks, we see the rhinos and the elephant.

We see how they look when they are at the zoo.”

Marble falls also has the largest collection of wild animals in New Zealand.

The park was created by the then-king of New Zealand, Arthur Douglas, who also oversaw the development of the country’s first national park in Victoria in the early 1800s.

Marble Falls was created in the late 19th century, after Douglas visited Marble Falls to visit a group of tourists.

Today, the park has more than 30,000 animals, according to the tourism authority.

“People come to Marble Falls every year for a picnic, to see animals, to take a picture or for a walk,” Leuk said.

But she says the tourists don’t have to wait in line for a spot in the large marble room to see all the animals.

“They can just walk through the room and see the animal,” she explained.

Leuk says the animals are well cared for and that the animals have a sense of dignity.

“Most of the time, they have a nice little smile on their face.

They’re very friendly, they come to see us and they will give us lots of hugs.”

In addition to seeing the animals, Marble Falls has a variety of activities that the tourists can do.

“You can go on the water and swim and you get to see what they see in the water,” Leuthel said.

Marble falls is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, Leuk explained.

“So there’s lots of people coming here to see it, they go on a hike there, or they go there for a tour,” she added.

“It’s not the same as a zoo, because you’re not going to see a zoo and you’re going to have to walk through a room.”

For Leuther, the beauty of Marble Falls makes her wish to visit again more than likely.

“Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to visit Marble Falls,” she concluded.

“Because it’s such a beautiful place, it’s really a place that you just don’t see often.”