Why do the marbles in the Pink House fall to the ground?

Why do marbles fall to earth when they’re installed?

And why do they fall to ground when they are not?

And more importantly, why are they falling to the floor when they don’t?

As the marble-landing process unfolds, it becomes clear that not all of the marble that falls to the marble-ground will be able to survive.

Some of the pieces will end up stuck in the ground and, if not removed, they will eventually collapse under their own weight.

Some marbles may be too fragile to be removed, and so they fall.

Some pieces may be able a certain way to be transported safely, but some won’t.

And many other pieces may have a different design that is too unstable to be easily transported.

In this video, we’ll explore some of the different mechanisms that will cause the marble to land and how they affect the marble.