What you need to know about the $50 million ‘marble’ sculpture at the Japanese marble museum

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is getting its own marble statue, and it looks like it’s got a few other things in common with the real thing.

It’s a marble maze, a term coined by architect Jutta Ziegler, whose company, Zieglers Marble, is responsible for a handful of other marble sculptures around the world.

The new piece, the first one to be constructed at the museum since 2013, is a combination of real and synthetic marble, which Ziegling calls a “unique blend.”

The “marble” is made of five parts that are molded together with a laser, each one containing about 3,200 layers.

The pieces look like a “marrow-like structure that was sculpted from a mixture of marble and plaster,” Zieglander told ABC News in an interview.

Each marble has its own unique characteristics, such as the texture and texture depth of the marble, and its unique shape.

Ziegley said that the marble will “give it a very special feel.”

Ziegler Marble, which has a long history of creating sculptures of a high quality, was recently acquired by the Japanese luxury-goods conglomerate IKEA.

Its marble maze is just one of several projects that IKEa has made over the past few years, including a “Marble Garden” that combines real and imitation marble, a “Wings of Life” and a “Hood” that all look like they were designed by the artist, David Hockney.

Zieglider Marble also works with other major brands including Rolex, Burberry and the U.K.’s Harrods.