‘It’s a big deal’: Melbourne artist gives us a look at a white marble slab of ‘marble’

A Melbourne artist has recreated a marble slab for a local family, which was carved by her grandmother, who passed away in 1992.

Key points:Marble is carved from a blue marble slab, while the slab’s shape is a tribute to her grandmother and her family’s ancestorsIn a rare piece of public art, the artist, Emily Haggerty, has recreatted the slab on a white stone slab, which has a white, marble-like surface, and was created by her grandfather.

“She’s a real bit of a mystery, and she’s the only one I know,” Ms Haggert said.

“It’s not something that you see in the family, but I think it’s quite touching.”

Ms Haggerton, a graphic designer, has carved a white slab for the family of her grandmother in the backyard of her home in Bentleigh.

“The slab is so big, it’s probably one of the largest she’s ever done,” she said.

Ms Haganton said her grandmother would always paint a marble version of a stone slab to honour her memory.

“I think it would be a bit strange to make this kind of slab, but it’s just something I’m hoping to do,” she joked.

“This has been a real big deal for us.”

She said she wanted to honour the memory of her grandma by creating a slab that was more similar to the stone slab she grew up on, rather than a marble one.

“As I was doing it, she’d be like, ‘I don’t know, what colour marble would it be?’,” she explained.

“And I’d be so excited to make it, I’d think, ‘Oh my god, it would look so beautiful!'”

She said the slab would look like a “pretty nice white marble” with “a little bit of white” on top, but she wanted it to “have a little bit more” of a “golden look” than what she has been able to achieve so far.

“You know, it is a bit of an odd piece, but you’re getting more of that ‘wow’ factor with it,” she added.

“So I think you’ve got a really nice piece of art there, but, at the same time, it doesn’t take away from the grandness of the experience.”

The artist said the white marble would be used to mark the family’s gravesite, which is part of the “marble” theme.

“They’re all very special places, so it’s a bit special for us,” she remarked.

“We’ll be using the slab to mark our own grave, so we’re very excited to get started.”

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