Which players were the best at fake marble nails?

When you think of fake marble nail polish, you think about those with bright, vivid colors.

However, it doesn’t always match the color you want.

When you’re in the mood for a new, fresh, and unique color, these are some of the best.1.

Michael Jordan – Nike Air Jordans (2003-present)The Air Jordan has the iconic silhouette, and Michael Jordan’s iconic game.

While the Nike Air Jordan 2 has more of a retro look, Jordan’s game is all about the look.

You’ll find it in Nike Air Max, Nike Air Classic, Nike SB, and many other products.

Jordan has worn this look on his iconic basketballs, and the same goes for his signature shoes.2.

J.J. Watt – The Texans (2017-present).

J.J.’s “J” and “J-Watt” are the two letters that appear when you type “J Watt” into the search bar.

This is the only team that wears the word “J,” so they are very recognizable.3.

LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers (2015-present), Miami Heat (2013-present)-New York Knicks (2011-present)(2016-present, 2017-present):LeBron James’ signature sneaker design is a homage to his father, LeBron, who is known for his iconic Nike Air Trainer shoes.

In his first season in Cleveland, James wore a pair of Air Jordan 1s and was a mainstay in the Cavs’ rotation.

These Air Jordan sneakers were so popular that Nike sold more than 200 million pairs during his rookie season.4.

Nick Jonas – Jonas Brothers (1996-1997)One of the most recognizable names in music, Nick Jonas has released five albums and is known worldwide for his song “Thongs.”

Jonas Brothers is known as the original Jonas Brothers, but this name has since been changed to Nick Jonas.

In honor of the legendary rapper’s birthday on September 2, 2017, Nike unveiled a new colorway of the classic Nike Air J-Shirt that includes a new pair of Jonas Brothers shoes.5.

Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers (1997-present)–San Antonio Spurs (2007-present)*The Los Angeles Clippers are known for their tradition of bringing the best players to the Staples Center to play in the Staples Classic.

Kobe’s signature sneak is a classic that he wore when he won a championship with the Lakers.

This particular Kobe Bryant shoe is one of his favorites.6.

Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder (2017)-Oklahoma City Thunder**This Nike Air Dunklow is a great sneaker for the fans who enjoy basketball.

The colorway is a deep burgundy, with a gold tongue, a red tongue, and gold insole.

Russell’s signature shoe is a sneaker he wore during the 2015 NBA Finals.7.

Chris Paul – Los Angles Clippers (2014-present-2018)*The Clippers are always looking for the best in their players.

Chris’ signature shoe comes in a new deep burgandy, with gold tongue and a red insole in the latest version of the Clippers’ iconic “L” logo.8.

J-Lo – New York Dolls (2000-2004)J-Lo has been a staple in the fashion world for years.

Her signature shoe has been worn in various colors throughout her career.

However this shoe was always a standout, so it is a must for fans of J-lo.9.

Kobe Lamar – Los Angeles Lakers (2017)The Los Angls Lakers are known as a team of legends, and they wear many of the NBA’s greatest players.

The Kobe Lamar shoe is another signature of the Lakers, which comes in multiple colors, including burgundy.10.

Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs(2017-2018)This iconic shoe is also a fan favorite.

Tim is known to wear this colorway on his NBA jerseys.

This shoe was also a mainstay during the 2014 NBA Finals, and he has worn it on his signature shoe since.11.

Chris Bosh – Miami Heat(2018)The Miami Heat are known around the world for their legendary fans.

This Nike Air MVP sneaker is one that is often seen at NBA games.12.

Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers(2016-2018)–Portland Trail Blazers (2018-2019)If you’re a fan of the Trail Blazers, this is a perfect sneaker to wear on a day-to-day basis.

It has a classic look and is a staple for the Blazers.13.

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks(2017)-Seattle Seahawks**The Seahawks are known throughout the world as one of the strongest teams in the NFL.

This Seattle Seahawks sneaker has been used on numerous occasions.

This was the most popular colorway.14.

Tim Tebow – New England Patriots(2017)New England Patriots fans know the team well.

Tim’s signature shoes are always a hit