What is Marble Cake?

Marble cake is an edible cake that has a thick, white base that has an orange, cream, or strawberry center.

This is one of my favorite cakes.

It is made from cream cheese, sugar, and egg whites and is a wonderful cake for baking.

The center is also a beautiful color with a little cream and orange.

I used to make a marbled cake a couple of times a year, but it became very boring after a while.

So I made this one for myself and my husband.

It was so fun to make.

You can use this recipe for any kind of cake.

I would recommend making a smaller batch and making it every other day for a few weeks.

If you like marbled cakes, you can also make the cake as a cake with frosting.

To make it a bit more fancy, you could add sprinkles and berries, but I just didn’t think they were necessary.

This recipe makes 12 cups of cake, and you can store the finished cake in a cupboard or cupboard drawer in the freezer for up to a year.

The frosting would make a wonderful addition to any marbled or strawberry cake.