Why you should wear marbles in the summertime

Some people just love the taste of marbles.

Others love the scent and the way they look.

We all have our favorite pair of marbled shoes or socks.

If you’re like us, you love the way marbled jewelry looks and how marbled bracelets, earrings and necklaces have been a part of your life for decades.

Now, if you’re one of the many people who enjoys wearing marbles on your wrists, you might want to start thinking about how to wear them for the summer.

The answer might be simple: just like you’re wearing them in the winter.

Here are some tips for keeping marbles out of your hands during the summer months.1.

Wear marbles under your clothing at all times, not just during the day.

Marbles should be kept out of the way of clothing or under your shirt.

When you wear them, wear them loose and do not pull them out of their pockets or back pockets.

Do not let them get in your eyes or nose.2.

Do something fun for your marbles with your kids.

Try bringing a pair of rubber tennis shoes to play with or a small dolly or board game.

If they are too small, you can also play a game with them on your dresser.

Marbled bracelet or necklace can be fun too, and you can add an earring or necklace to your set.3.

Avoid wearing them during the winter months when temperatures are lower.

Marble colognes are a great summer accessory because they are soft and feel like they can stand up to the cold.

But if you want to keep your marbled pieces out of sight during the colder months, wear gloves and an eye mask during those cold weather months.4.

Do your research before you wear marbled cologne or jewelry to keep marbles away.

Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into by choosing one of these items and then making sure you get all of the necessary precautions before you buy them.