I’ll make my own Lego Lego bricks

The next generation of Lego is already here.

But what about the future?

As Lego begins to embrace the digital age, the company is pushing ahead with its plans to make its own bricks.

It’s already working on a series of modular kits for its own lines of bricks.

In an interview with The Verge, CEO Andrew House revealed a couple of the new Lego bricks he’d like to see on the market.

They’re called “cassettes,” which are plastic blocks of varying sizes and shapes.

House said he would love to see more of them, especially as the company gets closer to its goal of building a billion Lego sets in just a few years.

He said that he was excited to see what kinds of projects people could create with these bricks, because the possibilities are endless.

“You can take them apart, and you can build your own Lego, and build the same thing again,” House said.

“What I’m looking for is to create something that I could make myself, which I think would be really fun.”

The new sets could be built by Lego employees or a third party.

House added that the idea is to keep costs low for the company by using cheaper materials.

“If you can make it cheaper, that would be good,” he said.