Jenna Marbles’ book is ‘brilliantly strange’, says publisher

A story that has been called the best of the year in fantasy, the author of the debut novel of the same name has told a packed auditorium of more than 100 people she is “devastated” by the publisher’s decision to cancel the book.

Key points:The publisher has announced the book will not be publishedJenna Marbles book was the bestselling book of 2017 and was adapted into a film, but publisher publisher HarperCollins has cancelled itJenna’s book, Marble Tile, is the bestselling title in 2017 and has been adapted into the film ‘The Lego Batman Movie’.

The book, which was first published in January, was one of the best-selling books of 2017.

It was adapted for film and the film has become a hit.

The publisher of the book has said it is “extremely sad” that the book is not coming back to the world of books, but the story behind it is very important to Jenna.

She has been speaking about the book since January, when the book was first announced, and she said she was “extremely distressed” by HarperCollins’ decision.

“It’s such a beautiful book, so beautiful and beautiful,” she said.

“But I’ve just had a bit of an accident and I’ve been going through it, and I think it’s time I put the book aside.”

The story behind the book in Marble Tile is told from the perspective of a 13-year-old girl who lives in the house where she is raised.

“I feel as if the book’s the only one that’s relevant,” Ms Marbles said.

She said she wanted to share the book with people, but it is not the way she imagined it would end.

“They said they would not publish it, they said they wanted to make a statement to children and they would never publish it,” she told the crowd.

“So I think I’m going to just say this is the only book that matters.”

And it’s so important, so beautifully strange.

“To me, I’m very sad.”

A bookseller has said the book may not be sold in Australia.

Ms Marbles told ABC News the publisher had asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would prohibit her from revealing anything about the story or discussing it with the public.

“Because they want to censor me and keep me away from the public,” she explained.

“This is not a story that’s good for children, this is not for people of any age.”

The bookseller said he would not sell the book, but said he had had “no idea” why the publisher was doing this.

“There are lots of publishers who want to sell the best books, they just want to make money,” he said.’

It’s just a story’Jenna has published an interview with a bookseller who told her the book might not be picked up for Australian publication.

“My gut feeling is that if it’s a story and not a novel that has a life of its own, I think you would be interested in it,” the bookseller told the ABC.

“If it’s not a book that has an established life and lives on its own and lives independently and that’s what’s happening here, then I think that’s a very different story.”

You know, it’s just the story, and it’s all about this little girl.

“Ms Marples book was adapted in 2017 for the film “The Lego Movie”.”

I was shocked to read that,” she recounted.”

That’s just such a wonderful story.

But I just feel very sad because I’ve got this book and it will never be published in Australia, but they’re saying it’s for kids.

“The publisher said it was cancelling the book for “commercial reasons”.”

We are absolutely devastated by this news, and we are in no position to comment further,” the publisher said in a statement.

The book was originally published in February, and has now been released for the first time.