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Slate Marble, a company that specializes in faux marble countertops, recently published a guide for office workers that can be used to replace some of the faux marble in their homes, offices and garages.

The guide includes a list of products and instructions for how to install the marble, along with the tips and suggestions for what to do when the marble is damaged.

The article, which Recode shared with The Verge, outlines a process for removing faux marble from your home and other places that are exposed to the elements.

Slate Marble suggests using a countertop countertop.

It suggests adding a foam liner to the outside of the countertop to keep the surface of the marble from sticking to the counter.

It also recommends using an exterior window as a temporary countertop for when the faux-marble is not available.

The company also suggests installing a foam-coated surface of plastic or vinyl to protect the faux.

If your countertops are not made of faux marble, the company recommends using a high-density foam for protection and for avoiding the need for a vacuum sealer.

Slate also recommends adding a window curtain to keep out the light.

Slate marble is a type of polyethylene that is used in many products, including some office products, and is a popular option for countertops.

A Slate marble countertop can be made from a variety of materials, including natural marble and faux marble.

In this example, a Slate marble can be sourced from a source in Italy.

Slate says that a Slate Marble countertop will provide protection for up to 10 years, and that the marble will last at least 10 years.

The Slate Marble guide also offers recommendations for how you can remove the marble: Remove any hard surface that may be on the marble.

Remove any surface that is on the counter, such as the counter itself.

Remove the decorative pieces on the surface.

If the marble has a window that is not fully closed, you can open the window.

If you want to seal it, you should use a sealer that is approved by the manufacturer.

Remove all other decorative or non-essential parts of the surface such as decorative trim and any metal pieces.

For a more complete list of recommended products and recommendations, see Slate Marble’s full guide.

Slate has a small following, with some people complaining that the company’s products are cheap and disposable.

Slate CEO Matthew T. Gattone says that Slate has been around for more than 20 years, which makes the company “a trusted brand that many people trust.”

The company does not list any specific products, but its homepage says that it sells a variety “of high-end office furniture, desktop displays, wallpapers, and more.”

For a rundown of how to make a Slate desk, wall or cabinet, check out Recode’s previous guide.

The Verge has reached out to Slate Marble for comment.